Soccer School


The Paris Saint-Germain Academy welcomes boys and girls aged from 4 to 16 years old and from all skill levels. Each player will learn to play with the Paris Saint-Germain’s playing philosophy, common to all the club’s teams : ball possession and control of the game. Our programs, designed by the Paris Saint-Germain Academy technical director, are dedicated to educating and developing young soccer players. They not only aim at teaching them all the fundamentals of soccer but also focus on the growth of each individual’s ability and social well-being.


Objectives Develop players to their fullest potential while sharing with them Paris Saint-Germain values
Training Sessions 2 times per week/3 times per week
Games At the end of every session and on weekends
Competition Competing in local and regional tournaments as well as internal games.
Ages From 4 to 16 years old.
Teams Teams will be based on level.
Registration The Paris Saint-Germain Academy is open to everyone.

Joining Our Academy Guarantees You:

  • Excellent facilities for the practice of soccer
  • Coaches who have themselves been trained in the Paris Saint-Germain methods and dedicated to offering your child a fulfilling experience
  • A doorway into Paris Saint-Germain unique universe

What We Offer:

  • Weekly training sessions throughout the year to ensure your child reaches their full potential.
  • Intensive soccer camps on holidays and during off-peak periods to complete your child’s training.
  • A complete Paris Saint-Germain Academy outfit for every player joining the Academy.

Training Sessions:

E.Club 100$ 2 times per week
E.Club 120$ 3 times per week
Fouad Chehab 100$ 2 times per week
Fouad Chehab 120$ 3 times per week